We guarantee that you will receive a healthy puppy at the time of sale and free from any serious congenital diseases for 1 years.Buyer must have puppy examined by a licensed veterinarian within 72 hours of purchase in order to make this guarantee valid. If buyer chooses not to have puppy examined as stated above, buyer assumes full responsibility and the contract is void. Seller and buyer agree that under no circumstances will seller be held responsible for any veterinary expenses.

Replacement Policy

Any replacement puppy will be of equal value and same sex from the next available breeding. No cash refunds will be given. We will supply the buyer with another puppy free of charge. The shipping charge for the replacement puppy will be paid by the buyer.Before a replacement puppy is given, we require written proof and a letter from the veterinarian stating the condition of the puppy.Neutering, spaying or euthanizing is the responsibility of the buyer. Improper medical attention, neglect, malnutrition, abuse in any way or breeding the dog voids this guarantee. All puppies will be sold as pets. No breeding rights. We will only sell to responsible owners. By signing below I acknowledge that I understand and accept all terms of this contract.


(1) This is the entire purchase contract; no other promise or stipulations are included or implied in this sale. (2) In any and all legal action pertaining to this dog, this contract shall be considered to be legally binding. (3) In the event of any dispute or disagreement under this contract, the laws of Pennsylvania will govern the resolution of the dispute and venue for resolution of any dispute will be Pennsylvania. (4) To the extent that any provision of this contract may be invalid under any law of the state of the buyer, all remaining provisions remain binding.